Skin changes everyday · Controls skin according to changing skin.
It is an item of commitment that enhances the barrier function of the skin and leads it to the skin with transparency.
It is Ageless cosmetics which protects skin from sunburn and aims youthful skin with tension forever.

Product Info

High purity fucoidan essence

Multiplay Pure Serum
Multiplay Pure serum
List price:¥7,500(Tax excluded) 80mL

High purity fucoidan essence liquid extracted from natural mineral rich in minerals.
Trolley and serums quickly become smooth and familiar to the skin without feeling sticky
Seaweed extract enhances barrier function and protects skin from ultraviolet rays and external stimuli.

Seaweed extract enhances barrier function and protects skin from ultraviolet rays and external stimuli.

Human stem cell serum

Multiplay Anti Impact
Multiplay Anti Impact
List price:¥12,800(Tax excluded) 40mL

It is a human stem cell ageless serum based on "telomere theory".
We will postpone aging and lead to youthful skin by promoting the activity of skin function.
Furthermore, scarce skin ingredients from rice wine and moisturizing ingredients of rice ceramide keep skin healthy, enhancing
barrier function.
It is a future type Ageless beauty solution that you can feel the skin rejuvenation by continuing to use.

Hydroquinone moisturizing cream

Multiplay Anti Bright Night & Day
Multiplay Anti Bright Night & Day
List price:¥6,500(Tax excluded) 30g

Water-soluble vitamin C derivative · vitamin E is blended into high concentration hydroquinone
It is beautiful skin and moisturizing cream.

High sustainability, protect the skin from sunburn during the day, moisturize at night,
It leads to beautiful skin.

Because there is little irritation, you can use it for people with weak skin.
We recommend using all seasons every day.

Fucoidan lotion containing silicon

Multiplay Aqua Toner
Multiplay Aqua Toner
List price:¥3,800(Tax excluded) 120mL

High purity fucoidan&It is a lotion that moisturizes the feel of a trolley containing silicon.

High purity fucoidan creates a veil that is rich in minerals and moisturizes the skin.

Continue to use to raise the moisture content of the skin and lead to moist skin.

Please use plenty of face decollete.

Moisturizing moisturizing soap

Multiplay Bubble Rebirth Soap
Multiplay Bubble Rebirth Soap
List price:¥2,500(Tax excluded) 65g

High purity fucoidan&It is a beautiful skin cleansing soap of the type of dirty foam of silicon blending.

Firmly removing dirt to the inside of pores with fine texture of plant-derived ingredients

It is a face wash that does not lose moisturizing ingredients even if it is washed off.

For sensitive skin, as well as for whole body cleaning and babies can be used.

Warm sensation cleansing gel

Multiplay Hot Cleansing Gel
Multiplay Hot Cleansing Gel
List price:¥3,800(Tax excluded) 200mL

A moisturizing cleansing gel that does not foam, which can spread pores with warming action and drop without rubbing

Remove makeup, sebum, pore stains with astringent / skin care ingredient formulation.

Please use it as a massage by bringing gel into close contact with dry skin.