I want a sense of volume everyday. The gaze from behind is painful ... to such a trouble!

I have been troubled for a long time, so I was able to develop it!

Origin of natural Mozuku
Moisturizing ingredients Fucoidan & Capixil formulation
Scalp care · nurturing system
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I want a sense of volume everyday. The gaze from behind is painful ... to such a trouble!

I have been troubled for a long time, so I was able to develop it!

Origin of natural Mozuku
Moisturizing ingredients Fucoidan & Capixil formulation
Scalp care · nurturing system
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I want a sense of volume everyday. The gaze from behind is painful ... to such a trouble!

I have been troubled for a long time, so I was able to develop it!

Origin of natural Mozuku
Moisturizing ingredients Fucoidan & Capixil formulation
Scalp care · nurturing system
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Have you stopped thinning?

I am scared of my eyes.


Anxiety about my thinness in the mirror


You should be able to help those who have the same trouble.


It is a product made by humans who have been suffering for a long time.


Difference between miloxidil and capixil (side effects etc.)


The world of hair tonic for alopecia areata is evolving quickly, products that can expect effect are appearing every day.
Among them, I think that minoxidil and capixil can be mentioned as a hair growth component that is drawing attention recently.
Minoxidil is recommended by the Japanese Society of Dermatology, and products containing capixils are certified by the Japanese Society for Reproductive Medicine of Japan.
Initially there are two major actions in hair growth agents.


The first is to suppress the function of 5a reductase.
Through this action it is possible to suppress the generation of the androgenic substance / DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is the cause of alopecia.


The second one is to stimulate hair papilla cells weakened by alopecia and promote hair follicle colonization and growth.
Through this effect you can expect to grow hair follicles large and increase the hair fixing power.


Minoxidil was originally studied as an antihypertensive drug, but its efficacy has a vasodilator action, which increases the growth factor through this action and promotes the proliferation and growth of hair matrix cells.
Capixil is a combination of a component called biochanin A extracted from a kind of herb of red clover and acetyl tetrapeptide - 3 which artificially synthesized aminosan molecule in nature.
Biochanin A inhibits depilation through suppression of 5a reductase and acetyl tetrapeptide-3 promotes the growth and retention of hair follicles.


Since it is a long-term use of a hair restorer, it is necessary to confirm the clinical effect and side effects of a hair growth agent.
Efficacy is reported in each of Minoxidil and Capixir.
Regarding the comparison of the clinical efficacy of the two drugs, a study by LUCAS MEYER has reported, and capixil is said to have a clinical effect over minoxidil.


Side effects, minoxidil reports scalp itching and skin rash such as rash, but there seems to be little report from Capixir.
The reason is that, unlike minoxidil, natural ingredients derived from plants are raw materials, and this natural ingredient is presumed to be safe by the Food and Drug Administration for Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Although the effect and safety of minoxidil and capixir are as described above up to the present, in both cases, hair growth is expected to expect the effect of hair restorer in long-term observation.
I would like to make a better choice in effectiveness and safety among medicines that progress day by day.


Doctor of Medicine Tetsuya Oishi



The four major ingredients of interest are well balanced

  • Gastropoda extract

    It is an extract that can be taken from edible seaweeds of the genus Trolocombus, a thirst alga called Ghugome kombu.
    Gagome Kombu is a kind of rare kelp which inhabits the east coast of Hakodate, and it is said that its name was given because the unique uneven pattern on the surface resembles the pattern of a basketball.
    The habitat area is limited, and it is handled as a very valuable kelp ingredient because it produces only about a few per cent of the Hokkaido kelp.
    Naturally it is a material to be handled as a food as well as a general kombu, but as a component with high moisturizing power as a component with high moisturizing power, to the product which is handled in cleaning and processing of the gargome kelp, It is now also used.
    The acidic polysaccharide F - fucoidan abundantly contained in Kjellmaniella crassifolia has an effect of activating NK cells that kill cancer cells and virus infected cells, and has an effect of lowering blood pressure, diet and lifestyle diseases Although it has been clarified in recent research, F - fucoidan is a useful ingredient for your skin, protects the skin surface with a natural moisturizing membrane, keeps moisture of the skin for a long time with high moisturizing power It will be.
    It also has the effect of dispersing oil and fat ingredients, it enhances moist feeling more.
    Moreover, it is not only that.
    It is also effective for skin aging prevention which can be said to be the maximum purpose of skin care.
    Because F - fucoidan has not only high moisture retention but also cell repair function, suppression of spot and wrinkle formation, suppression of skin collagen content reduction, it can also be used for aging care measures, it is also excellent for ecological restoration function and rough skin And acne scars are improved.
    Furthermore, because it has effects on pores, acne, shininess, etc., it is very popular as a savior of skin trouble, a versatile cosmetics.
    There is Magazine Kagu's Gagomeko Dajimei, a magical way to improve the skin troubles that are now handled, to lead to healthy skin, and also to skin aging prevention effect.
    Why do not you try it with your skin next time?

  • Capicil

    The capixil consists mainly of "red clover flower extract" and "acetyl tetrapeptide 3", and the combination of these two components is defined as "capixil".
    Capixir has hair regrowth effect by restoring atrophied hair matrix cells by stopping hair follicle decay and hair cycle deviation by epilation hormone.
    "Biochanin A" of red tuna contained in Capixir has the effect of suppressing the generation of DHT which causes hair loss.
    This "Biochanin A" is a component also contained in Propecia.
    "Acetyl tetrapeptide 3" contained in capillix is ​​a kind of ingredient called growth factor (growth factor).
    The effect of repairing the cell is such as to restore the cut limbs or repair damaged skin by burns and the like.
    There is an effect that it becomes hard to get hair by repairing the scalp which is damaged by the action of "acetyl tetrapeptide 3" and making it into a healthy scalp. The above-mentioned acetyltetrapeptide 3, which has cell repair effect, has the effect of restoring the weakened hair matrix cells.
    It is said that activation of hair matrix cells can promote the formation of hair.
    Since Capixil is a hair growth ingredient based on natural grass, it is the biggest point that there is no possibility of side effects seen in hair growth medicines such as finasteride and minoxidil.

  • Cladosiphon flea fly caledonia polysaccharide

    It is a polysaccharide similar to the structure of hyaluronic acid, but it is not just moisturizing.
    It contains amino acids, and it also has functions of protection, repair, binding, antioxidant and anti-inflammation.
    King Tonga domestically produced fucoidan derived from natural Mozuku has a larger amount of "sulfate group" bound than other marine algae, it binds to proteins such as hair and skin, and by repeated use it increases the care effect.
    It is a measure of the effect and efficacy of fucoidan. It prevents drying with high moisture retention effect, protects and repairs damaged hair and skin, revitalizes your skin by cell activation / antioxidation.

  • Otaninindine root extract

    Otaneninjin (ginseng) is also known as ginseng (carrot ginseng) · koulai carrot (ginseng) and is a perennial of the family Ukogi。
    It is native to Korea and China and cultivated in various places.
    It has been prized as medicinal from ancient times, has been used as a tonic and healthy stomach medicine.
    Particularly strong active ingredient is called sinsonin group called ginsenoside, nutrition tonic which is the image of Otaneninjin depends on this ingredient.
    Ginsenanoid is a valuable ingredient that is effective also for diabetes and arteriosclerosis. Otaninjin root extract is an extract obtained by extracting from the roots of Otaninjin.
    Effects that ginsenoside promotes metabolism and blood circulation and skin moisturizing effect enhances not only skin troubles such as rough skin, wrinkles, acne, but also effects on hair loss prevention, inflammation prevention, dandruff prevention etc. scalp overall trouble I will give it.
    And with a high antioxidant effect we will change the health condition of the scalp to a good direction.
    Because it is a component of natural origin, it places no burden on hair or scalp than science or petroleum-based ingredients.

A voice of joy has arrived from those who used ALADDIN !!

"Tried and realized! Increasing pleasure!"


I have tried several kinds of hair growth agents, but it did not lead to increased hair.

Aladdin began using it with the recommendation of acquaintance, but with application of once a day, massage and extremely easy care, it is a half-trusting whether it can really increase the hair with such simple things, but after using the bath for 1 week, I saw my hair and the skin color part felt less. Although I thought as thoughtfully, I could see that the hair is clearly increasing two weeks after I keep on using it.

Although it entered 3 weeks now, since it is easy care before going to bed, it does not become awkward and it continues. I am happy that I could realize hair growth in a few weeks!


Ms who had been suffering with thin hair for many years



Change from the beginning of use



Start using ⇒ One week later ⇒ Three weeks later